TWICE Members Nearly Faint While Performing Under Extreme Heat And Dehydration

The members were nearly fainting but they never once lost their professionalism.

TWICE was in Guam to perform at the MBC Music K-Pop concert, and fans caught sight of the members rehearsing for their song, ‘Yes Or Yes’.


What shocked fans the most was how the members were struggling in the blazing heat as they looked extremely exhausted and dehydrated.


The members were drenched in sweat with their faces flushed red. Their conditions were so bad that Nayeon almost threw up from overheating mid-performance.


But fans noticed one particular thing about their rehearsal video. Despite their struggles, the members never once refused to dance half-heartedly! They made sure they were getting each and every move down to make life easier for the production team.


They may haven been squinting with exhaustion, but when they caught sight of their fans, the girls would show off a beaming smile!


When the rehearsal was over, the girls nearly collapsed.


But they made sure to thank the staff and the fans before they headed back towards shade to recover.


TWICE performed their set that same very night with the same professionalism!


It just shows there’s a reason why the most popular girl groups are on top!

Source: Nate Pann


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