TWICE Made Kim Ha On Drop to His Knees

You did good, Nayeon!

Rapper Kim Ha On from High School Rapper Season 2 transformed from a man with swag to a pure puppy.

That’s because he finally met TWICE, whom he had been desperate to meet.

On a recent episode of JTBC’s Cool Kids, Ahn Jung Hwan and Kim Ha On got to meet “kids of today” whom they had chosen.

It was clear that Kim Ha On had always been a passionate fan of TWICE.

As soon as TWICE appeared, Kim Ha On couldn’t help but reveal his front teeth with a huge smile.

TWICE’s Nayeon responded by rapping along to “Barcode”, which Kim Ha On rapped on High School Rapper Season 2.

Right after rapping, “Beep. Next”, Kim Ha On sprinted across the field while cheering.

Then, he dropped to his needs and threw his fists in the air.

Toward the end, he even found the courage to hug Dahyun.

Dreams to come true…

If you’re curious about who Kim Ha On is, his viral performance of “Barcode” on High School Rapper Season 2 can be watched below:

Source: Insight