TWICE Reigns Over Line Music’s Top 100 Charts With The Japanese Version Of “STUCK IN MY HEAD”

TWICE has claimed the throne on the charts once again!

With every release, TWICE consistently proves they’re true queens. Seizing control over the charts is just one way they do so and with the recent release of the Japanese version of “STUCK IN MY HEAD”, TWICE has claimed the throne on the charts once again!


Originally introduced as part of their 7th mini-album FANCY YOU, the Japanese version of the beloved b-side track was recently released ahead of the powerhouse group’s 3rd best album #TWICE3. Upon its release, the newly released version immediately soared to the top spot on Line Music‘s Daily Top 100 Chart.

Keeping the strong momentum, “STUCK IN MY HEAD” continued to dominate. By the end of the first week, TWICE had also secured the no. 1 spot on Line Music’s Weekly Top 100 Chart for the week of September 2 through September 8.

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The group has consistently snagged platinum certifications with all 10 albums released in Japan, including their most recent single Fanfare which sold over 250,000 copies. And with their takeover of Line Music’s charts with “STUCK IN MY HEAD”, TWICE has been further raising excitement and expectations for their upcoming Japanese album.

TWICE’s 3rd best album #TWICE3, which includes the chart-topping “STUCK IN MY HEAD”, is set to drop on September 16 and is sure to sweep charts and more with its release!

Source: Star Today