Here Are TWICE’s Relatable First Reactions To The “The Feels” English Song Guide

“When I first heard it…”

TWICE just released their full English song “The Feels,” and the girls have already begun hyping us up with some interviews!

When asked what their initial reaction was like when they heard the song, Momo revealed that she instantly knew it was the perfect song for them because it matches TWICE’s image well.

When I first heard it, I thought that it really reflects who we are and that it really suits us.

— Momo

Sana added, “And that ONCEs will really like it. We felt that a lot while we filmed the music video.”

On the other hand, Dahyun shared that they were looking forward to it because it is their first international single.

This album is our first global single, and we are full of anticipation.

— Dahyun

Finally, Chaeyoung described how she immediately felt like dancing when she heard the English guide. She loved it so much, in fact, that she had the song on repeat!

When I first heard the song’s guide in English, it really made me want to dance. I listened to the guide version of our song over and over again. It was so exciting.

— Chaeyoung

Jihyo then asked Chaeyoung to describe “The Feels,” and she delivered! She called it a happy song that will boost the listener’s confidence.

The message is, ‘Don’t hide your feelings. Follow your feels when you like someone,’ so the song is really happy and boosts your confidence.

— Chaeyoung

If you miss TWICE’s original style, then according to Chaeyoung, this song is for you. She concluded by imploring fans to give it a listen.

The style is similar to when we first began. Please listen to it!

— Chaeyoung

Don’t disappoint Chaeyoung! Watch the music video of “The Feels” below.

Source: YouTube