These 3 TWICE Members’ Behavior Toward Their Staff Revealed Their True Personalities

The way they interact with their staff is heartwarming.

TWICE have been exploring their cooking skills while taking a well earned break in their YouTube series TIME TO TWICE” TDOONG Forest.

Momo (Left), Chaeyoung (Right), and Jihyo (back) make sandwiches. | TWICE/YouTube 

In their most recent episode, the girls split off into various crafts after having finished their hard-earned meal. A few members, however, chose to wait to start their crafts.

Sana and Nayeon make bracelets | TWICE/YouTube 

Jihyo remained at the cooking pot and tried a baked sweet potato which she deemed delicious. She then showed off her kind heart by immediately offering her director a taste of the savory treat.

“Would you like to try?” | TWICE/YouTube 

She even made sure to warn her director of the snacks hot temperature before deciding she’d continue to work on the snack until it was a better temperature for consumption.

“This is so yummy. It’s so hot, right?” | TWICE/YouTube 

Once she thought the potato was ready, Jihyo gave it to her director and even double checked to make sure it had cooled off enough.

“It’s cooled down. Or not.. How is it?” | TWICE/YouTube 

On the other side of the camp, Mina and Tzuyu had been working on making the dessert, Injeolmi, since the start of the episode. To make this, they had to do the laborious task of pounding out the food with a mallet.

(Today’s concept is taking things slow and they’re making their own desserts slowly) | TWICE/YouTube 

While Tzuyu tired out a bit early,  Mina finished up the snack. She then revealed they had been creating this sweet treat for the staff who had been working so hard.

“Would you like to try one?” | TWICE/YouTube 

Mina proceeded to circle the filming site, giving all the staff members she could find a taste of their work.

“Here, try it.” “Thank you.” | TWICE/YouTube

One staff member even exclaimed that it was “Super delicious”, showing that the girl’s hard work had not been in vain.

“It’s super delicious!” “Is it good? I’m so glad!” | TWICE/YouTube 

While Tzuyu was too tired to join her in distributing the snack, Mina made sure to credit her when handing it out.

“It’s Tzuyu’s hard work.” | TWICE/YouTube 

Tzuyu even checked in to see how everyone was liking the tasty treat.

“Is it good?” | TWICE/YouTube 

The way these girls treat their staff members warms our hearts. To see more of TWICE’s adventures, check out the latest episode of TIME TO TWICE” TDOONG Forest below:

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