TWICE Revealed To Have Turned Down Police-Offered Smartwatches

It was revealed that they turned the smartwatches down.

JYP Entertainment has revealed that TWICE is currently being protected by the police, but they declined to use the smartwatches that was offered to them as protection.

On December 19, JYP revealed through social media that they after receiving stalking threats and malicious comments, they decided to request protection from the police. They requested for personal protection around the company and Cheongdamdong area.


On December 23, the police stated that they would have patrols guard TWICE’s dorms and agency along with registering the members for 112 emergency personal protection.

The police provided eight personal protection measures and TWICE members, with the exception of Nayeon, stated that they did not want smart watches and decided to only use reinforced patrol and 112 emergency protection.


JYP also previously released statements regarding Nayeon’s stalker, and have asked both the police and fans for assistance.
They plan on having protection throughout all of TWICE’s activities and are continuing to review all legal actions that can be taken for these types of matters.
They have also requested a complaint for malicious comments and after the final decisions are made, they plan on taking civil action as well.



ONCEs are extremely worried about Nayeon’s stalker, Josh, and were the ones who initially alerted JYP Entertainment about him.

Although TWICE is currently receiving police protection, if you come into contact with the stalker and have any information you can provide that may help protect the girls, you should contact JYP Entertainment at immediately.