TWICE Reveals Some Interesting Classes They Took While They Were Trainees

It seemed strange at the time.

TWICE made a guest appearance on MBC‘s Radio Star and had a fun time talking about their new album, whether or not they plan on doing solo or unit promotions, and more!

Taking it back to their trainee days, MC Kim Gura asked Jihyo, “Has there been any classes that you took at JYP that you just didn’t understand?”

Jihyo recalls taking a sex education class that was taken by all the trainees at the time.

Being young at that time, she thought, “It is a class that is needed but to learn this at the agency…?”

Back then, unlike now, these types of classes were not seen as common.

Kim asked, “Was the instructor Goo Sung Ae by any chance?”

They all answered together, “Yes!”

The hosts asked which member asked the most questions during this class.

It seemed like Nayeon was the model of the class as she asked the most questions!

While on the topic of classes, the hosts couldn’t help but wonder if sex ed was conducted with everybody.

Jihyo answered, “It was boys and girls separately!”

But Nayeon responded differently, “We took the class altogether!”

Nayeon elaborated on her answer, “Boys and girls took the class together when Goo Sung Ae was the teacher.”

Kim Gura, understanding, responded, “Ah of course, because teacher Goo is quite expensive…”

This just proved just how sought after professor Goo was!

The hosts were also curious to know if the sex education classes were of any help to them.

The foreign members expressed that they had a hard time during this class.

They had to just go by the photos to understand what was going on.

Kim, understanding once again, commented, “I guess the start to sex ed is by the visuals.”

Another interesting class that they took as trainees was IT education. This was so that they could learn to protect their personal information.

The hosts found it quite interesting that idol trainees would take classes like these!

The group emphasized that because trainees start at such a young age, it was even more important to provide this sort of education.