TWICE Might Be Rich AF But The Members Had The Best Reaction To Receiving Their Sports Day Prizes

If it’s free, we don’t blame them!

In the latest episode of TWICE‘s reality show Time To Twice, the members finished their spooky scavenger hunt to try and find the numbers to the combination lock on their classroom’s door. However, the twist was that the school almost felt like a haunted house!

Luckily, all of the members made it into the classroom safely after successfully finding the clues, with Sana and Dahyun being the final team to make it back!

Although the directors wanted to know how the members found it, with everyone safe and sound, there was only one thing on TWICE’s mind: the winner! The group had been split into two teams and, as expected, they were as competitive as ever!

Taking into consideration all the tasks they’d done, the blue team with Sana, Tzuyu, Chaeyoung, and Jihyo picked up the win. Each of the members got to pick a lucky bag, and one of them had a special prize of Apple Airpods, and they were still as excited as ever even though they’d known about the prize.

After the members had all picked their bags, it was time to reveal what they had won. In the end, it was Jihyo who was lucky enough to win the big prize, despite thinking she wouldn’t get it because she was greedy.

However, it was the member’s reactions that caught the attention of fans watching. When she realized she had won, Jihyo had the best reaction when she found the Apple package in her bag!

Yet, even though they had only won snacks, the other members proved just how humble they were because they were all extremely grateful for the prizes.

Even though some of the members might have pretended to be jealous of Jihyo, their reactions to the tasks and gifts show just how humble they are. It also showcases just how close they are to each other that they couldn’t hide their happiness for Jihyo’s win!

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: TWICE