TWICE’s Sana Can’t Stop Flirting With Chaeyoung On Their “Date” And It’s Too Wholesome

It was so intimate, they got a little embarrassed! 😂

With the same blood type and very similar MBTI types, TWICE‘s Sana and Chaeyoung have endless chemistry together! Recently, they put that to the test and spent some precious one-on-one time where they revealed their true feelings about each other.

Discussing everything from their first impressions of each other to fond memories they’ve shared, the girls began sharing some of their favorite things about each other. Sana shared that Chaeyoung established her own taste, a result of becoming more mature throughout the years.

When people ask what you think about something, you explain it really well, and I think that comes from maturity.

— Sana

However, in typical Sana fashion, she also layered on the compliments! She shared that she loves looking at her face…

…saving her selfies…

…and seemingly, making her feel a bit shy!

The cute moment left the girls with smiles that continued even throughout their serious conversations.

Chaeyoung returned Sana’s love, complimenting her complexity that not many people see who fail to look beyond her positive and energetic image.

You try really hard to be the way you are. You try hard to stick to who you think you should be. You plan things out and you try hard to achieve your aspiration.

— Chaeyoung

Watch all of their super cute interactions below!