TWICE’s Sana Reveals Dahyun’s Adorable Habit When She’s Happy

Dahyun has adorable habits when she’s happy, and Sana knows them all!

TWICE‘s Sana and Dahyun have known each other for years, and as a result, now know even the tiniest habits of each other!

The two recently shot a pictorial with Star1 magazine, and also sat down for a subsequent interview, where they tested their chemistry together as a duo!

One of the questions they were asked was to explain Dahyun’s habits when she’s happy!

Sana first adorably exclaimed,

She’s looking for me!


She then took the question more seriously, and revealed that when Dahyun is happy, she becomes far more talkative than she usually is!

When she’s happy? She becomes very talkative. I usually talk a lot, but when she’s hyper, she talks a lot.


Dahyun then revealed another happy habit of hers!

When I am happy, I can’t keep my cheekbones down…?


Dahyun is the best when she’s happy!

You can watch them talk about it here!