TWICE’s Sana Takes A Tumble On Stage, And Their Reactions Are Priceless

She wasn’t harmed from the fall and made light of it.

TWICE has been making memories with fans during their READY TO BE world tour, including one where Sana accidentally fell but made light of the minor mishap.


While performing “Dance The Night Away” in Seattle, Sana lost her balance, fell down, and yelled in surprise. Since the backup dancers were behind Sana, they couldn’t see her smile. Instead, their facial expressions showed shock and concern.

Jihyo and Chaeyoung initially had the same shocked reactions—until they both burst into laughter.

As Sana stood up and continued the choreography, she couldn’t stop laughing from the tumble she took. By then, the members and backup dancers were laughing with her.

Later on in the performance, Sana and Momo still couldn’t resist laughing when they looked each other in the eye.

Fortunately, Sana wasn’t hurt from the mishap and everyone could laugh about it.


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