TWICE’s Sana Under Fire After A Video Of Her Calling A Child Her Ideal Type Resurfaces

Some claim the clip is different in context.

Recently, GOT7‘s BamBam received criticism for his comments about NewJeansHaerin during an episode of his Bam House drinking program. During the show, he and YouTuber Poongja discussed who he is a fan of these days.

He mentions that he is a fan of aespa‘s Winter and Haerin, saying that their songs feel healing to him. He also says that he seems to like women with short hair.

Later on in the video, around 12:30, Poongja asks BamBam to choose between Transit Love 2 star Nayeon or Haerin. He chooses Haerin, but then seems to second-guess himself as he brings up her young age (16 at this time), and that it’s “risky” to mention liking her as a fan.

This exchange triggered a massive influx of criticism towards BamBam as fans insisted what was spread on social media was taken out of context. Ultimately, ABYSS Company, BamBam’s label, issued a statement, saying they would take legal actions against “malicious commenters.

| ABYSS Company

Following this, a clip of TWICE‘s Sana began recirculating online for a similar reason.

The clip is from TWICE’s appearance on Turkids on the Block in 2021. During the clip, Chaeyoung shares that Sana has something to confess to host Lee Yongjin. She then shares that she “really likes” his son, saying that he is her 이상형, or ideal type.

Chaeyoung then shares that Sana once showed her a photo, saying she had found her ideal type but that it was a baby. Yongjin then offers to send her pictures of his son, and she excitedly agrees.

Near the end of the episode, as they were saying what they liked about the show Sana says that she was happy to meet her “father-in-law.

When the show initially aired, there was no issue with what was said, but in the current context, netizens have found problems with what Sana said.

Fans said the clip was a misunderstanding and that Sana was saying the baby was cute, using ideal type as a joke, as she later revealed her real type during the episode.

Sana nor JYP Entertainment has made any comment on the situation at this time. You can watch the entire Turkids on the Block episode below.


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