TWICE’s Sana Didn’t Hesitate To Pull The Foreigner Card During A Game

It didn’t go as she had hoped 😂

TWICE‘s Japanese member Sana is often mistaken as a Korean because of her mastery of the language, but she didn’t hesitate to pull the foreigner card during a game!

Recently, TWICE was invited by KBS‘s Studio K to play three rounds of games, with the winner of each round receiving more ingredients than the rest to make a drink.

The nine members were divided into three groups. Sana’s team consisted of Chaeyoung and Nayeon.

For the first question, TWICE was asked to name words starting with the letter “T.”

Chaeyoung chose the word “TWICE,” while Nayeon picked “truffle.” Sana, on the other hand, referenced boy group TXT by shouting “Tomorrow By Together.”

Unfortunately, the staff didn’t accept her answer, saying she mispronounced the word.

Upon hearing that, Sana complained that she didn’t say it correctly because she’s a foreigner. Even when she pouted cutely, they didn’t let it slide!

They may not have gotten the correct answer, but at the very least, they ultimately won the game!

See more of Sana in the full episode below.

Source: KBS Kpop