Netizens Raise Concerns About TWICE Sana’s Health After Seeing A Video From The Group’s Recent Show

“Damn touring is stressful but this is such a sudden change…”

While the life of a K-Pop idol is tough, artists are expected to look a certain way to fit in with the expectations. Netizens have recently raised concerns for TWICE Sana‘s health after a recent video shows that she’s seemingly lost a lot of weight.

TWICE’s Sana | @m.by__sana/Instagram

Since debuting, Sana has always gained fans’ attention for being perfect. From her unreal talent, presence on stage, charisma, and beauty, she is always a star wherever she goes.

| @m.by__sana/Instagram
| @m.by__sana/Instagram
| @m.by__sana/Instagram

However, netizens have raised concerns for the idol’s health after a recent video went viral on TikTok.

TWICE are currently in the midst of their world tour and have been, and will be, performing in front of thousands of fans each night in countries worldwide.

TWICE during their current tour | @twicetagram/Instagram

As expected, all the members have been giving it their all, and Sana is no exception. Netizens have been sharing videos from the concert so fans can experience just how amazing the shows are.

While Sana has always been praised for her beauty, talent, and unreal body, netizens shared concerns after a viral video from the group’s recent tour gained attention on TikTok. In the video, Sana was selling it on stage and was giving it her all.

Although netizens couldn’t stop gushing about her visuals and talent, they noticed how skinny she looked, especially compared to previous videos.

When the video was posted, while some assumed that Sana knew how to perform and live a healthy lifestyle, it didn’t stop others from worrying about how much weight she had lost in a short period of time.

While it might just be that the busy schedule has meant Sana has lost some weight but is living healthy, netizens are unsurprisingly worried and hope she isn’t being made to lose weight on purpose.

Source: @sanayeonyny/TikTok


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