JYP Reveals That He Wrote TWICE’s “Feel Special” To Encourage Sana While She Was Going Through A Hard Time

TWICE’s friendship and love for each other touched JYP’s heart.

For TWICE and ONCE, “Feel Special” is a song that has a special place in everyone’s hearts, thanks to its heartwarming lyrics and message portrayed through the music video.

When it was first released, JYP commented that he had written the song to give people hope and comfort by reminding them they weren’t alone. While it’s a universal message, he wrote it with the members in mind.

[I wrote this song with this situation in mind:] When you suddenly feel afraid and want to collapse, and you’re hoping for somebody’s warm words to give you the strength to stand again.


In a recent interview with CNN Brazil, JYP talked about his extensive songwriting career and how “Feel Special” was a song he could easily create thanks to the message he wanted to share with TWICE.

I’ve written more than six hundred songs in the last 30 years, so it’s not easy to come up with a new song because I’ve already talked about everything about my life, our lives. But every time a real situation motivates me, it’s very easy to write a special song.


2019 was an especially rough year as the world threw unnecessary and ignorant hatred at the girls. All the girls were struggling mentally and emotionally, but Sana‘s situation caught JYP’s attention the most.

Sana is the definition of sunshine, a ball of bubbly energy that never fails to brighten up everyone’s day. But after experiencing wave upon wave of negativity and hatred in 2019, it was only natural that there was a time when her smile lost some of its shine.

JYP Entertainment/YouTube

However, the rest of TWICE were constantly by her side, reminding her of how precious she was and showering her with love. Seeing their sisterhood, JYP was inspired to write “Feel Special” to capture the depth of their love for each other.

During that time, Sana was going through a hard time, and I saw how the members helped her and that touched me. I wrote the song about their friendship.


JYP Entertainment/YouTube

After finishing the lyrics, he also wrote them down to give to Sana so that whenever she was facing difficulty, she could draw strength from the lyrics and be reminded of the people who always had her back.

After I finished the song, I wrote the lyrics on a paper, got it framed and gave it to Sana.


The chorus of “Feel Special” is comforting and full of warmth and promise, so if you’re having a hard day, lean into the words and remember: you are precious, you are loved, and you are not alone.


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Source: CNN Brazil