TWICE’s Sana Lost Her Phone, But Something Completely Distracted Her From Looking For It

It hilariously slipped her mind 😂

Recently, TWICE released Episode 4 from the making of the “Alcohol-Free” music video. The girls looked breathtaking as they filmed both individual shots and group dances in Jeju Island.

During a break, Sana realized that she was losing her phone.

In frustration, she looked for it in the surrounding areas and asked others if they had seen it. “Do you have my phone?

She then revealed that it wasn’t the first time she had lost her phone.

I don’t know how many times I’ve lost my phone. I’m getting tired of it.

— Sana

Jeongyeon kindly helped her look for it. “It’s probably in there.

As Jeongyeon and Sana were talking, Sana noticed something happening to her left.

Hilariously, she dashed straight towards it and forgot to look for her phone!

What could have caused Sana to suddenly get distracted? It turns out she was simply excited to join her members in taking pictures.

In the end, Sana continued to look for her phone with Jeongyeon’s help.

Watch the hilarious moment in the full video below!

Source: TWICE


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