TWICE’s Sana Claims A McDonald’s Delivery Driver Unapologetically Chugged Her Family’s Drinks

Sana is still astonished to this day.

TWICE‘s, Nayeon, Sana, and Momo put on an eating show on live broadcast where the members shared unfortunate stories about ordering takeout for delivery.

Nayeon confessed that she once had to wait an hour due to a delivery mishap.

That’s when Sana shared an incident that her family in Japan went through when they ordered McDonald’s for delivery.


Sana explained that unlike in Korea, you have to order the drink separately when ordering McDonald’s in Japan.

So when her family ordered out one day, they ordered drinks on top of their burgers only to find out that it never arrived.

When Sana’s family asked the delivery man what happened to the drink, he gave an answer that Sana is still astonished by to this day.

My family asked what happened to their drinks, and the delivery man said, ‘I was so hot that I drank it.’

— Sana

Like all fans listening, Nayeon was absolutely shocked by the story.

That’s ridiculous but funny.

— Nayeon

Sana’s poor family though!

Source: Insight