TWICE’s Sana Earns Praise After Helping Prevent Momo’s Fall During Day 1 Of “READY TO BE” In Seoul

Best friends are there to catch you when you fall… literally!

TWICE recently kicked off their READY TO BE world tour in Seoul in front of thousands of fans and their celebrity friends and peers.

(From left:) TWICE’s Momo, Mina, Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Dahyun, Tzuyu, Chaeyoung, Sana, and Jihyo during night 1 of their “READY TO BE” world tour  | @JYPETWICE/Twitter

TWICE filled KSPO Dome on the first night of their READY TO BE world tour and have already created countless unforgettable and special moments for ONCEs.

From surprise solo stages from each member, including Jeongyeon‘s impressive cover of Lizzo‘s “Juice” with an unexpected recorder performance…

… to Mina‘s twerking during her cover of Ariana Grande‘s “7 Rings”…

… to the group’s emotional performance of “When We Were Kids” with their baby photos behind them and many more iconic moments, the tour is already off to a memorable start.

Among the viral moments that resulted from TWICE’s first night of their tour was one of many times members Momo and Sana proved their professionalism. 

As the group danced to their hit song “Fancy,” one fancam caught the moment Momo appeared to trip while moving backward.

Just as she started to catch herself, Sana quickly stepped in to help steady her best friend.

Just as quickly as the stumble happened, the two talented members quickly rejoined the choreography, proving their impressive professionalism as they laughed off the moment together.

The TWICE members never fail to be there for each other!

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