Here’s How JYP Would’ve Produced Somi’s “Dumb Dumb” According To TWICE’s Sana

In an alternate timeline…

TWICE is always up for a good sing-a-long and during their most recent van ride home members SanaMina, and Jihyo all rocked out to today’s most popular K-Pop hits like aespa‘s “Next Level”:

TWICE’s “Next Level” | TWICE/VLIVE 

Taeyeon‘s “Weekend”:

TWICE’s “Weekend” | TWICE/VLIVE 

And Somi‘s “Dumb Dumb”

TWICE’s “Dumb Dumb” | TWICE/VLIVE 

The last was especially cute as Somi is like a little sister to TWICE. They trained together and Somi even had the opportunity to debut with the group when they competed together on Sixteen.

Sana (left), Chaeyoung (center), and Somi (right). | @FYTWICE/Twitter

While listening, the girls first revealed their love for the song.

“I love the song!” “Yes.” | TWICE/VLIVE 

While vibing out, Sana made an interesting observation that will change the way you look at both “Dumb Dumb” and all JYP Entertainment songs.

TWICE’s “Dumb Dumb” | TWICE/VLIVE 

If this was a JYP song, you would do this part after dance break at that part,” she said referring to the outro of Somi’s song.

If this was a JYP song, you would do this part after dance break at that part.” | TWICE/VLIVE 

When looking at JYP’s lineup of hits, it’s hard not to notice the sheer number of songs that have a more intense dance section before their outros like:

TWICE’s “More & More”

“MORE & MORE” | JYP Entertainment/YouTube

GOT7‘s “Hard Carry”

“Hard Carry(하드캐리)” | JYP Entertainment/YouTube

and Stray Kids‘ “Back Door”

“Back Door” | JYP Entertainment/YouTube 

Sana’s observation would definitely change the vibe (and the length) of Somi’s runaway summer hit. What do you think “Dumb Dumb” would’ve been like at a different label? Let us know and to see more about Somi’s time at JYP, check out the article below:

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