Somi Once Had The Most Savage Reaction To Being A JYP Entertainment Artist, And It Was Hilarious AF

It was iconic!

Somi has recently returned with her latest song, “DUMB DUMB,” and has been gaining attention for her stunning talent, flawless visuals, and amazing personality!

Yet, it seems as if an old comment from Somi has been going viral again after the success of comeback, and it is hilarious AF!

Somi | @somisomi0309/ Instagram

It is a known fact that Somi used to be signed to JYP Entertainment. After a series of disappointments, Somi eventually joined the project group I.O.I. After the group disbanded, Somi decided to leave JYP in 2018, joining YG Entertainment‘s subsidiary label, The Black Label.

After joining her new label, some netizens were skeptical about what her career would be like but Somi has made constantly made it clear how happy she is in her new label.

A post from Somi on IG after leaving JYP | @somisomi0309/ Instagram

Yet, even before Somi chose to sign under the new label, it seems as if she had respect for the company and wasn’t afraid to show it, even if it was at the detriment of JYP Entertainment!

Back in March 2017, Somi appeared on SBS’s Power Time radio broadcast with actress Choi Hwa Jung. During the show, she discussed her career and voiced her love for Big Bang member TOP.

I still have TOP posters in my room. Unfortunately, I never met him. I felt like my whole world fell apart when TOP left for military service.

— Somi


After sharing her love for the idol, the host asked Somi whether she even wanted to join the same agency as him, YG Entertainment. Yet, if Hwa Jung had expected a specific answer, it probably wasn’t the one Somi gave!

I didn’t have a chance to audition for YG, but there was an opportunity for JYP. Yeah, why didn’t I go to JYP? It’s unfortunate!

— Somi


There is no denying that it was a hilarious comment. After leaving JYP, many fans couldn’t be happier with how Somi is doing now! You can watch her latest music video below!

Source: @somigodess


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