TWICE’s Sana Goes Viral For Her Sexy Performance Of The Iconic Track “ROLLIN” During Their US Tour

Sana was sexy, charismatic, and flawless!

TWICE are currently in the midst of their US tour, and netizens can’t seem to get over how amazing the members have been on stage.

In particular, the members have been going viral left, right, and center because of their beautiful visuals, toned physiques, and unbeatable charisma on stage.

Members of TWICE | @stiqmavcut/Twitter

Recently, one video has gained the attention of fans worldwide, and it comes from their show on February 18, where TWICE had their much-anticipated Oakland concert. Although the whole show was full of amazing moments, a 13-second fancam of member Sana has gone viral due!

TWICE’s Sana | @twicetagram/ Instagram

Since debuting, Sana has always gained attention for her amazing performance skills on stage.


It was no exception during one of their recent tours. During the show, the members performed their classic track “ROLLIN.” At one part of the song, all the members shone as they moved their hips and let their bodies move with the music…


But it was a fancam of Sana that really sent the internet into meltdown. User @jeongpapi on Twitter was lucky enough to be up close to the stage during the show and shot one of the most iconic videos of Sana during the song.

Her caption of “LOSING MY DAMN MIND???? SANA?:?:!!;’tnt” couldn’t be more appropriate as Sana showcased her visuals, proportions, and talent in only 13 seconds. Not only did she showcase her flexibility and sensuality…


But she also looked as if she was having the best time in the world dancing with her members on stage in front of thousands of ONCEs.

| @jeongpapi/Twitter

Since it was posted on February 19 (KST), the video has been watched over 1.6 million times, has over 72,000 likes and has been retweeted nearly 40,000 times. As expected, the comments were full of fans fangirling over Sana, cementing her status as a serious girl crush for netizens.

However, it isn’t the first time Sana has made netizens fall in love with her. Since debuting, Sana’s visuals, personality, and talents have stood out in the industry, and she always manages to capture the hearts of fans no matter where she goes.

| JYP Entertainment
| JYP Entertainment

With plenty more dates of the US tour still ahead of fans, there will no doubt be more iconic moments from the members that will take over the internet! As always, the members continue to showcase why they are so amazing and are loved by fans worldwide.

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Source: @jeongpapi

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