TWICE’s Sana Recalls The Time She Swallowed Her Own Vomit On Stage

She did it for her fans.

On a recent episode of MBC‘s Radio Star, TWICE‘s Sana told a shocking story about the time she swallowed her own vomit on stage.


Sana explained that when she first debuted, she often ate kimbap before going up on stage to perform.

But for the song, “OOH-AHH” there’s a choreography where the members bow down and form a human train.

And this made for a bad combination when she was tired one day.

I was really tired that day so I couldn’t digest well. So I vomitted.

— Sana

Luckily, it didn’t leave her mouth, so Sana swallowed it as she got back up because the show had to go on.

Although the crisis was avoided thanks to her professionalism, Sana confessed that she’s now traumatized.

I can’t eat kimbap before my performances anymore.

— Sana

This just goes to show that Sana is a true professional on stage.

But poor Sana!

Source: Insight


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