TWICE Sana’s Most Heartfelt Letter To ONCEs Leaves Them Feeling Strong And United

“ONCEs have come to mean so much to me…”

On January 5, 2020, TWICE‘s Sana graced the official JYPE fan page and left the most heartfelt message — and ONCEs are deeply moved by her sincerity.


She wrote, “Thanks to ONCEs, we won awards!” She sounded full of gratitude as she looked back at Day 1 and 2 of the 34th Golden Disc Awards.

Hi ONCEs! It’s Sana. Thanks to ONCEs, we won awards yesterday and today! Thank you always, and we’re always sorry for everything ONCEs. I’ve come to believe that for us, ONCEs are — and for ONCEs we are — so close and inseparable.

— Sana


Sana then explained that she wants to share more with ONCEs — including the downs to their ups.

So I want all of us to always be happy and have only the best things happen to us. I want us to always see each other in all smiles. But honestly, ONCEs have come to mean so much to me, that I don’t mind showing my other faces. Since we’re so close, I think it is possible for us to share so many other feelings. That isn’t to say, I want to see ONCEs tired and exhausted. When I see ONCEs struggling, it breaks my heart. And when TWICE become the reason for that struggle, it hurts me even more. There is nothing in this world that is more painful than my beloved ones suffering because of me.

— Sana


She pointed out that TWICE are human and make mistakes too. She promised, however, to mature more in 2020 and become someone who can embrace and be embraced by ONCEs.

We’re only human, so no matter what we intend, we sometimes make mistakes. We disappoint. We hurt ONCEs without meaning to. But like when ONCEs embraced us through the hard times, we will embrace ONCEs harder this year. We want to become that warm presence in your lives. Thank you for trusting us and supporting us all the time. In the new year that just begun, we will keep the awards we won in mind and continue to grow and improve. Let’s fight through together in 2020 too! I love you all, ONCEs.

— Sana


Finally, Sana reassured fans that TWICE’s utmost priority is ONCEs — and that the members stay strong thinking of their fans. She asked the fans to do the same and continue to have faith in TWICE through the rollercoaster that is life.

One last thing… We are TWICE because we want to be ONCEs’ energy. We don’t want to make ONCEs lose energy. That’s not why we’re TWICE. We always want to be with ONCEs and we’re glad to have ONCEs by our side all the time. Please remember that and always know it’s true. I’m sorry for the late night message. Great work today, good night everyone!

— Sana


Thanks to Sana’s most genuine letter from the bottom of her heart, ONCEs are feeling more united and stronger than ever. Could Sana really be ONCEs’ angel? Yes, it seems so.

Source: THEQOO