TWICE Is Promoting a New Product That Makes You Want to Be a Kid Again

They come in so many different colors.

The fashion brand, Beanpole Sports recently released their “Newbie” backpack, which is aimed at students in middle school and high school.

What’s capturing people’s particular attention is the fact that this new backpack was modeled by TWICE.

By doing this, Beanpole Sports gave this backpack a youthful and sporty appeal.

Since TWICE modeled these backpacks, it is now known as the “Teudoongie” backpack.

The “Newbie” backpacks show off trendy silhouettes and refined designs.

A key feature of these backpacks are the mesh pockets that allow students to display their stuffed toys and toys on their backpack.

But what really gives these backpacks their appeal is the fact that TWICE modeled them.

Would you consider getting one of these?

Source: Insight