Did TWICE Just Tease A New Comeback? Here’s Why ONCEs Totally Think So!

ONCEs are on the case!

TWICE might have just teased a new comeback during their performance for the 2019 Seoul Music Awards, and ONCEs are going crazy with speculation on what the “clues” could mean!

After seeing TWICE post on their official Twitter that the night of the SMA reminded them of “Knock Knock,” eagle eyed ONCEs went back and noticed something peculiar about the clock seen in the intro prior to the girls’ performance.

Namely, the clock looks eerie similar to same clock seen in both “Knock Knock” and “What is Love?”

Of course, all these “clues” put together definitely makes it seem TWICE is teasing something comeback related.

Noticing the projected clock shows both “2:00” and “4:00,” ONCEs speculated on whether those numbers might represent the date of a comeback or comeback announcement.

Stan Twitter went wild in “decoding the clues” and these are some of our favorite reactions:

Whether it’s February 4 or April 2, we can’t wait to see if TWICE will have something in store for us!

Source: @JaehyukKim2 and @JYPETWICE