TWICE’s “TODAY Show” Appearance Didn’t Air Their Most Impressive Moment, According To A Live Viewer

The Twitter account of the show later verified it.

On July 5, K-Pop powerhouse TWICE rocked the stage at the TODAY Show, delivering powerful performances on some of their hit tracks.’

TWICE on the “TODAY Show” | @TODAYshow/Twitter

The girl group performed “Alcohol Free,” “Set Me Free,” and “Moonlight Sunrise,” mesmerizing the live audience, as well as the people watching remotely. But according to a fan’s account, the real priceless moment of the show was only witnessed by the live audience when the cameras were not rolling.

A ONCE (TWICE’s fandom name) shared their experience watching the group live at the TODAY Show concert, describing it as a dream-come-true moment. The OP (Original Poster) verified that all the TWICE members are even prettier in real life and have a smaller frame. But their post emphasized not the physical beauty of the members but their behavior when the cameras were off.

Yesterday, I was the luckiest Once alive. By some miracle of God Jihyo, I managed to snag one of the best seats in the house for the Today Show concert. I’m not going to rehash things yall already know—everything that has been said about how the girls look 100x more beautiful LIVE is true. They are also very smol, in the cutest sense possible. What I am going to do, however, is tell you the most impressive thing they did…and it had absolutely nothing to do with their amazing performance.

—u/bmwhongus, Reddit

The fan recalled how TWICE started the show with a dynamic performance of “Set Me Free,” tactfully carrying out the entire choreography without a hitch, even on such a narrow stage. The song ended with a blast of silver streamers. Though on screen it looked grand, from the perspective of the live viewer, it appeared to be a possible mistake on the stage crew’s part because the streamers were shot near the end of the song while the girls were still dancing, and it ended up hitting some of the members in the face. The stage also got covered by streamers, with two more songs left for TWICE to perform.

The confetti cannon that was loaded with the silver streamers shot out towards the end of the song, but it shot out short and came back towards the stage, hitting the girls (Nayeon specifically) all up in the face while they were still performing (yall can check the performance vids). I don’t think that was supposed to happen because they still have 2 other songs to play, 2 more songs to dance to, and the stage was now completely covered with the silver streamers, which were hard to deal with and would be a tripping hazard.

—u/bmwhongus, Reddit

This was when the TWICE members showed their real personalities. After the song, the show went for a quick commercial break, and the stage crew hurried to clean up the streamers as fast as possible. Apart from the entire stage, the streamers also got caught on some of the live band’s equipment. While the production people were working fast to clean the stage, OP noticed that some of the members were helping them with the job. OP mentioned Nayeon as one of the members and Tzuyu as the probable second member who got hands-on with the cleaning. A second fan posted a picture of Momo, who was also helping with the cleanup.

Momo picking up the streamers on stage |
Photo showing two of the TWICE members helping the production crew with the cleanup | bmwhongus/Reddit

Once this anecdote went viral on Twitter, the official account of the TODAY Show posted a video showing the TWICE members cleaning up the stage with the crew, calling them “literal angels” in the caption.

Fans couldn’t be more proud of their girls, who once again showed that despite being at the peak of their popularity, they never lost the kindness and humanity in their hearts.

Source: Reddit

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