Ryan Bang Explains Why TWICE’s “TT” is NSFW For TV In Philippines

The hosts and the guests were shocked when they heard the truth.

Ryan Bang appeared on Video Star for their “Made in Korea” special, alongside K-pop choreographer Lia Kim. During the episode, Lia Kim showed off some of the choreography she created, like the dance for “TT” by TWICE.


The hosts noticed that during that dance, there was someone who couldn’t enjoy the dance comfortably. Ryan Bang explained it was because “TT” is a song that cannot be played on Filipino TV.


Why? Because “TT” sounds like the word for a man’s private parts in Filipino!


The hosts and the guests were totally shocked to hear the truth, especially when they realized which body part one points to when dancing to “TT”.


Lia Kim in particular, was very shocked and flustered at the implications of the choreography and the meaning in Filipino.


Regardless, no K-Pop fan can deny “TT” will go down in history as a song and dance to remember!

Source: Newsen