TWICE Tzuyu’s Ending Ment Has ONCE Convinced She’s Secretly Fluent In English

Tzuyu’s English is perfect!

TWICE‘s Tzuyu is a multilingual queen!

TWICE’s Tzuyu | @twicetagram/Instagram

TWICE performed the second show of their US tour last night in Los Angeles. As always, the members put on an incredible performance!

| Despair Muffin/YouTube

Each of the members addressed the ONCEs in the audience in an ending ment speech after the show. Tzuyu did her speech in English.

| @yodaseagull/Twitter

She told ONCE that the concerts in LA were “such a happy and precious moment.” 

Tzuyu really proved how fluent she is in English when she said, “I was surprised to hear that your shouting was as loud as yesterday.” She initially started her sentence by saying, “I was surprised to hear that your shouting is…,” but she quickly switched “is” to the past tense verb “was” because the shouting happened earlier that night. Tzuyu’s automatic correction of her verb tense proved just how fluent she’s become!

Tzuyu continued her speech and said, “I want to say thank you for supporting us. Hope you received our energy from us. See you next time. I love you so much!”

ONCEs were definitely touched by Tzuyu’s kind words, and they were impressed by how great her English was.