TWICE’s Tzuyu Goes Viral For Her Amazing Abs

Momo isn’t the only member showing off her abs.

TWICE‘s Momo recently gained attention for her fit figure and extremely toned abs and isn’t the only member turning heads.

Tzuyu watching Momo. | @skyluminates/Twitter

During the U.S. leg of the group’s TWICE 4TH WORLD TOUR ‘III’ tour, Tzuyu went viral by showing off her own abs.

Tzuyu and Momo. | @nahyotzu/Twitter

At the end of performing “TT” in Atlanta, Georgia, fans were treated to a good look at Tzuyu’s abs.

| @heechuusdubu/Twitter

As soon as a fan posted this particular photo of Tzuyu from the show, ONCEs all over the world went wild.

| @NAMIFILMS/Twitter

That single look at Tzuyu’s abs received over fifteen thousand thousand likes, with fans appreciating how amazing they looked.

Since Tzuyu is known for her gentle beauty, her abs were no exception—striking the perfect balance for her slim figure.

Source: Twitter