TWICE’s Tzuyu Took A Trip Down Memory Lane By Recreating Her Iconic ISAC Hair Flip, And It’s Still As Flawless In 2021

Tzugolas is back!

In the world of K-Pop, aside from the previous few years due to COVID, there is an event that normally brings together idols and fans in one place: the Idol Star Athletics Championships! K-Pop idols from different groups compete in a number of sports and have some fun with their fans!

One idol in particular who has cemented herself as one of the most iconic people at the event is TWICE’s Tzuyu. Over the years, she caught the attention of fans worldwide for her ability and flawless visuals in archery.

TWICE Tzuyu at the ISAC | iMBC

Well, it seems like Tzuyu has recently taken a trip down memory lane with ONCEs, and they couldn’t be more excited. The members recently held a special live broadcast for fans in honor of the groups’ 6th anniversary! With games and stories to tell, it was the perfect way to celebrate a huge milestone!

Of course, with Halloween on its way, TWICE knew how to make an impact and each of the members came dressed in their own costume. From ramen to Squid Game characters, each member showcased their own personality.

The members of TWICE | @JYPETWICE/ Twitter

Yet, one person’s outfit, which was undeniably iconic, was Tzuyu. She took a trip down memory lane for her look and looked absolutely stunning in an archery outfit, very similar to the ones worn during the ISACs!

| TWICE/ YouTube
| TWICE/ YouTube


If that wasn’t enough, Tzuyu showed that she really is iconic by recreating a moment from the 2016 ISACs where her hair flicked from the bow. Even though it was loved by fans worldwide, it was also one that quickly went viral, with people falling for her grace, elegance, and visuals.

| Mnet/ YouTube   

Fast forward to 2021, and fans were treated to an updated version. Although Tzuyu didn’t use the bow, she still looked elegant and beautiful, proving that it was a clip that definitely deserved to go viral all those years ago!

| TWICE/ YouTube

After going viral again for her archery earlier in the year when people mistook her for an Olympic athlete, it was no surprise that fans couldn’t hide their excitement at seeing “Tzugolas” again!

With the event being canceled due to the pandemic, fans cannot wait for the ISACs to return, and, hopefully, ONCEs will get a chance to see Archer Tzuyu again! You can read more about Tzuyu going viral below.

TWICE’s Tzuyu Goes Viral After Non K-Pop Fans Mistake Her For An Olympic Archer

Source: TWICE