TWICE’s Tzuyu Goes Viral After Non K-Pop Fans Mistake Her For An Olympic Archer

Tzuyu is an archery queen!

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics have just started, and it feels like the world is watching this year’s event. In particular, K-Pop fever seems to have taken over the games, with Olympians sharing their love for K-Pop, songs playing in the background, and much more.

Yet, it seems as if K-Pop has gone viral for other reasons and, most recently, TWICE‘s Tzuyu caught the attention of non-K-Pop fans during the Olympics.

TWICE’s Tzuyu | @Twicetagram/ Instagram

There is no denying that Tzuyu is talented at everything she does. During the annual Idol Star Athletics Championships (ISAC), fans noticed that she excelled in one sport: archery!

On July 26, Tzuyu started going viral on Brazilian Twitter after a ONCE joked that the Taiwanese singer was actually participating in the Olympics.

After the tweet was sent out, many users who are not fans of K-Pop went on social praising Tzuyu for her beauty and elegant physique while assuming that she was part of Taiwan’s archery team. During this time, many videos and images of Tzuyu from the ISAC started gaining more attention as people praised the TWICE member for her doll-like looks.

Luckily, ONCEs were quick to clarify that, although Tzuyu may be a skilled archer, she is actually an idol, not an athlete!

Over the years, Tzuyu has always participated in the archery portion in Idol Star Athletics Championships, and each time she went viral for it! With her beauty, skills, and grace, there is no denying that ONCEs would love to see Tzuyu slay the Olympics with her archery skills!

Hopefully, when the COVID-19 pandemic is under control, the ISAC’s can come back, and non-K-Pop fans who’ve discovered TWICE and Tzuyu can watch her in action. In the meantime, make sure to watch Tzuyu in action during the 2019 ISAC!

Source: FI