TWICE’s Jeongyeon Posted Hilarious Derps Of Tzuyu For Her Birthday — But She Still Looks Flawless

Her visuals are no joke.

TWICE’s Jeongyeon recently took to Instagram to post funny “derp” pictures of fellow member Tzuyu in celebration of her birthday…and they are surprisingly (or not-so-surprisingly) adorable!

From yawning to funny faces, Jeongyeon aired all of Tzuyu’s hilariously cute moments.

Netizens noted that despite supposedly being “funny” pictures, Tzuyu still looks gorgeous as ever! Her visuals can’t be denied, despite a goofy expression or filter.

Those are her ugly photos…? I bet they’re going to scream on top of their lungs when they see mine…


F***… She still looks beautiful in those pictures. I’m questioning my whole life right now. 


A derp photo is no match for visual queen Tzuyu!

Source: Nate Pann