Tzuyu’s Mistake Left Mina Without a Spot

Did you spot the mistake?

On December 28, the KBS Gayo Daechukjae featured a special performance by JYP artists.

GOT7, TWICE, Day6, and Stray Kids performed to a medley of songs by their superiors such as Park Ji Yoon, god, Wonder Girls, and 2PM.

The medley ended with Park Jin Young‘s “Don’t Leave Me”. The JYP Nation family led by GOT7’s JB got onto the stage and performed together.

That was when Tzuyu accidentally danced in Mina‘s spot, which was captured by a fan’s camera. The way she returned to her original spot toward the end of the song made the fans burst into laughter. The performance can be watched in the link below.

Tzuyu also performed in TWICE’s special performance of Miss A‘s “Hush” earlier in the show.

Source: Newsen