TWICE’s Tzuyu Reveals Why She Picked Stray Kids’ Bang Chan To Feature In Her Cover Of Taylor Swift’s “ME!”

Here’s what she felt about his feature.

It hasn’t been long since TWICE‘s Tzuyu released her unforgettable cover of Taylor Swift‘s hit song, “ME!”

One aspect about the cover that caught many fans’ attentions was her collaboration with Stray KidsBang Chan.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

In a recently released behind the scenes video, Tzuyu explained how the collaboration came about. She revealed that she was originally going to sing the song by herself, but after discussing with others, they agreed that a male voice would make the song more enjoyable.

I was going to sing the whole thing by myself. It was going to be alright, but then we thought it would be more fun to have a male voice in it.

— Tzuyu

They considered their options, and Bang Chan was ultimately chosen because they believed he was best suited for the part. Their choice was right! Due to the immense effort he put into it, the song “came out beautifully.”

It would make the song sound fuller, so we thought, ‘Who could fit the part?‘ And we agreed on Chan from Stray Kids. I’m so glad that he came onboard. He really poured his heart in it, and because of that, it came out beautifully.

— Tzuyu

Tzuyu then sent a video message to Bang Chan, sincerely thanking him for his help. “You’re the best! Thank you, Chan!

Meanwhile, you can watch the full behind the scenes video below.

Source: TWICE