TWICE unexpectedly beats BIGBANG on Music Bank

After taking a short vacation to celebrate a great year, rookie girl group TWICE came back to Korea with some amazing news. 

On their last day of vacationing in Australia, it was announced that TWICE’s “TT” was nominated for the #1 award on KBS‘s Music Bank along with YG Entertainment group BIGBANG‘s “FXXK IT.” Although “TT” was still performing admirably on the charts for having been released over two months ago, it was expected for the veteran group’s new comeback to take the win.

Neither BIGBANG nor TWICE were present for the broadcast.

But at the conclusion of the show, the host announced the scores and revealed that “TT” had inched out a narrow win against “FXXK IT.” Despite losing to BIGBANG in the digital category, TWICE’s latest comeback outscored “FXXK IT” in viewer preference, broadcast points, and physical sales. With the latest trophy, TWICE’s “TT” is now at 13 wins.

TWICE is currently on their way home from their trip to Australia, while BIGBANG prepares for their upcoming concert.