TWICE Gets Upset When Nayeon Posts A Selfie On Instagram—Here’s The Simple Reason Why

Her members don’t approve 😂

TWICE‘s Nayeon and ONCEs alike may appreciate her selfies on Instagram, but her members usually have a completely different reaction!

TWICE’s Nayeon | @twicetagram/Instagram

She and Jihyo talked all about it in an interview with Y Magazine. According to Nayeon, when she uploads a picture on Instagram, her members blow up their group chat with their good-natured disapproval.

When I upload something on Instagram, everyone in the group chat gets upset.

— Nayeon

The reason is surprisingly simple! Nayeon is fond of taking selfies with the camera propped at a low angle, and they don’t agree with it.

| @twicetagram/Instagram

Jihyo has complained to Nayeon about it before—not that it’s stopped her from doing it.

She kept lowering her camera. She had a phase. I was like, ‘That’s not how you take selfies!

— Jihyo

Currently, Jihyo isn’t sure if she has just gotten used to seeing it or if Nayeon has improved at taking pictures.

I don’t know if I’m getting used to it or she’s getting better at it.

— Jihyo

But Jihyo’s observation seems to be right. Just recently, Nayeon took a selfie with the camera at a high angle, suggesting that she’s taken her members’ advice to heart.

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