TWICE Reveals What Makes Their Group One Of A Kind

They had a humble reply to “why TWICE is the best girl group.”

Holding the title of the “Nation’s Girl Group,” TWICE is well-known for breaking records with their consistent hits and melting fans’ hearts with their charming personalities.

When they answered one of the internet’s most searched questions about them being “the best girl group,” the members had a humble response for what made them one of a kind.

| @JYPETWICE/Twitter

During their interview with WIREDChaeyoung peeled off the tape to reveal some of the internet’s most popular questions about the group. She and the members then read it out loud, “Why twice is the best girl group.

The compliment took the group by surprise, causing some of them to laugh from the praise. Rather than focusing on the title, they shared why they shined so brightly as a group.

Nayeon kept it simple by saying, “Because there’s the nine of us.” The members agreed. That was only part of the reason.

Sana added how valuable their fans are, “And because ONCE is here with us.

Most importantly, Chaeyoung highlighted their synergy. She said, “And the nine of us all have very distinct personalities. That’s why we’re able to show you so much energy when we come together.

Watch the members answer the question with humbleness.