TWICE Writes Heartfelt Letters For ONCE To Celebrate 5 Years Together

Congrats to TWICE!

In order to celebrate TWICE’s five year anniversary since debut that is coming up on October 20, the members wrote handwritten letters to ONCE, thanking them for the past five years.


5th anniversary 5th anniversary 5th anniversary. Thanks for being with us ONCE! I’m sorry that I can’t express everything in words, but you guys mean more to us than you think! Thanks for sticking with us and let’s have a fun time together for our fifth anniversary.


What is this! It’s already been five years…we haven’t been able to see our ONCE because of the times we’re in right now…I wish I could just take everything and throw it to you all…Can you all feel my heart? But we will always be in the same place so I trust that our ONCE will come back. Thank you always you guys are precious to us and I love you.


ONCE! Congrats on 5 years! Thank you so much for always supporting and staying by our side. Are you ready to continue to stay with us and have fun? But ONCE and TWICE’s health is the most important! You know what I mean right? Let us all be healthy when we meet.


Throughout these five years, there were times where I wanted to give up, but the reason I was able to get up and keep going was because of ONCE and the members. You guys are people that I cannot live without. You guys are the reason that I can live as TWICE’s Sana. Congrats on five years and thanks for celebrating with us. I am so happy and grateful to have my people by my side. I really really cherish you all and I love you.


ONCE! It’s been a long time. My heart is heavy because I wanted to see our ONCE face-to-face for our five year anniversary. It was not easy to be where we are today for both us and ONCE and I really wanted to say thank you and hug everyone. We can’t be happy all the time but I hope that can take it day by day. Thanks so much and I love you ONCE.


Our ONCE! It’s already TWICE’s five year anniversary! I say this every year but time really flies. I am so happy to have spent all these moments together with ONCE. Thanks for always showing your never-changing love and giving us strength. I hope that ONCE will always be happy and have those happy moments together with us to become even happier. We will work hard to bring ONCE even more happiness. Thanks to our fans and thanks to the members. Let’s do well ONCE and TWICE!


ONCE~ Hi It’s me Dahyun. Already 5 years! It seems like we were celebrating our four year anniversary just yesterday! (ONCE’s outfits then left quite an impression). We have made so many memories together and those moments were even more special and dear to me because we experienced them together. I hoped o continue to have more happy moments with ONCE. And you know that health is the most important, right? I can’t wait for the time where TWICE and ONCE can freely play together. We made it this far because of ONCE and I know we can keep going because of ONCE. Our precious ONCE, thank you and I love you.


Hi ONCE! How are you guys doing? It’s already our five year anniversary! Now we have so many memories, changes, and experiences that it feels strange. Although we can’t celebrate together the same place, I know that we can continue to do our best in our position as we celebrate in our own space! I’ll try my best to express myself more and grow. Thanks for always supporting us. I am gladly greeting our five year anniversary.


ONCE who has been with us for five years! Thank you so much. Let’s continue to be together for a long time.

Congrats to TWICE and ONCE for five years! Here’s to many more years together!