TWICE’s Tzuyu Roasts Nayeon For Ordering Not One, But Two Beverages

So savage.

In a recent video posted to TWICE‘s official YouTube account, the youngest member, Tzuyu was spotted hilariously roasting the eldest member, Nayeon for ordering two beverages all for herself.



In the video, Tzuyu asked the other members in the group chat what they wanted to drink.

| TWICE/YouTube

But when Nayeon ordered not one, but two beverages for herself, Tzuyu unleashed her inner savage.

| TWICE/YouTube

She exclaimed,

Order one, you pig!

— Tzuyu

| TWICE/YouTube

Tzuyu merciless roasting of Nayeon just goes to prove how close they are.

| @JYPETWICE/Facebook


Some of the fans’ comments to the hilarity include “Tzuyu’s actually hilarious“, “Tzuyu is definitely the youngest on top“, and “Her charisma is no joke“.


Check out the full clip below:

Source: Insight