TWICE’s Upcoming Track “Dance The Night Away” Was Written By Wheesung

The title track to TWICE’s 2nd special album was written and composed by some big names in music.

TWICE has released teasers for their upcoming special album release on July 9, including a partial track set list which shows their title track, “Dance The Night Away” was written by legendary artist Wheesung.


Wheesung (also known as Realslow) is an R&B singer, record producer, and composer who helped discover and advise some big names in K-Pop.

He was BIGBANG‘s vocal coach when he was signed with YG Entertainment, and he was responsible for Ailee being signed to YMC Entertainment, writing and producing her hit song “Heaven”.


Not only is he a talented singer himself, he has been a part of the production of more than 300 tracks, composing Younha‘s “Password 486”, Orange Caramel‘s “Magic Girl” and T-ara‘s “I Go Crazy Because of You”, all which became hits.


Now, he’s turning his expertise to TWICE, listed as the writer of “Dance The Night Away”, which was also composed and arranged by Swedish track writers and producers Moonshine and Swedish DJ, artist, singer, and songwriter Cazzi Opeia.


The composers are part of EKKO Music Rights and composed Red Velvet‘s “Peek-a-Boo” and countless other K-Pop hits from groups including Girls’ Generation, EXO, f(x), and Apink!


TWICE’s new track list also teases two new songs without titles or details, as well as previous songs “What Is Love?”, “Sweet Talker”, “Ho!”, “Dejavu”, “Say Yes”, and “Stuck”.


Fans are excited for the new album release and to hear a song written and composed with such international talent.

  • “Oh shit Wheesung wrote the lyrics”

  • “Wheesung!?”

  • “Consider me extremely intrigued. Also quite happy/surprised we’re actually getting three full new tracks, considering the last ‘special album’ we got gave us one new song, a remix, and three instrumentals.”

  • “Wow that’s a lot of producers. Between this and their teaser pics, I’m hyped!”


With the teaser images not giving anything away, fans will have to wait a little longer to hear the track!

Source: Xsportnews