“The Twilight Saga” Official Twitter Comments On BTS Jungkook’s “Vampire Era”

“Team JK all the way.”

Fans of the popular book and film series Twilight are aware of the decision that plagued numerous fans, especially after the release of New Moon, and that was whether you were “Team Edward” or “Team Jacob.”

“Twilight” characters Edward Cullen (left), Jacob Black (middle), and Bella Swan (right)

Now, there is a new team after BTS‘s Jungkook released an unexpected and mysterious teaser photo for his upcoming Me, Myself, and Jungkook pictorial that he’s releasing on his birthday.

BTS’s Jungkook in the first teaser photo for his upcoming pictorial | @bts_bighit/Instagram

The vampire-like image inspired fans to make creative vampire edits of BTS’s maknae. ARMYs are loving the new concept, posting their relatable and hilarious reactions on Twitter.

Among the vampire Jungkook threads were edits of Jungkook in the Twilight universe, giving fans of BTS and Twilight the crossover they didn’t know they needed.

Talented fans edited Jungkook and BTS into classic Twilight movie scenes and onto the movie posters, each iconic and preparing fans to root for “Team Jungkook.”

With each Twilight x Jungkook picture, it’s been a little easier to imagine the crossover. Billboard commented on the edits, teasing, “How does a Twilight reboot starring Jungkook sound?

| @JJK_Times/Twitter

The Twilight Saga’s official Twitter weighed in on the trending topic, replying to Jungkook’s teaser photo edited as the New Moon movie poster.

In response to the impressive edits and dreams of a Twilight reboot starring Jungkook, the account hilariously responded, “and when this actually becomes real, THEN WHAT?

This isn’t the first time Twilight‘s official account responded to BTS x Twilight crossovers. When was doing tricks with a baseball bat in an episode of In The Soop, it reminded fans of the baseball scene in the first Twilight movie. In response to the comparison, Twilight‘s official account named V as their BTS bias.

“Twilight” character Jasper in the film’s baseball scene

They were also relatable fans when BTS’s Jin referenced Twilight when asked to name three fairytales involving wolves.

While there are no official Twilight reboots in the works that we’re aware of, there are at least more “vampire-like” photos of Jungkook coming soon.

| @bts.bighitofficial/Instagram

For more information on his upcoming pictorial, check out the article below!

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