Two Fourth Generation Boy Group Members Under Fire For “Insensitive” Weverse Post

A harmless joke or disrespect to a tragedy?

K-Pop group MIRAE has attracted quite negative attention from netizens after one of its members, Lien, posted something that was deemed inappropriate on Weverse.

MIRAE | @official__mirae/Instagram
Lien | DSP Media

On April 16, the singer posted a picture of a flooded office with the caption, “The reason why our company needs to shift.

It turns out the picture was taken using a popular AI flood filter, and Lien was trying to joke around with his fans. His co-member Junhyuk joined in the comments, laughing and saying, “Save me.”

| Weverse
Junhyuk | @official_MIRAE/Twitter

On any other day, this could have been treated as a light-hearted joke by fans. But netizens found it insensitive because the day Lien posted this picture marks the 9th anniversary of the Sewol Ferry Tragedy. For those unfamiliar with the incident, it is considered the biggest maritime disaster in South Korea that ended up claiming 306 lives, most of which were high school students.

Though the idol deleted his post later in the day, a Twitter user posted the screenshots the next day, and it went viral pretty soon.

It’s the 9th anniversary of the Sewol Ferry, but who is the idol who dares to use filters like this? Who is the idol who laughs and ridicules normal filters as if they were submerged and asked to save them?? Ignorance is a sin.

@miraeridicule, Twitter

Most netizens seem to agree that Lien probably didn’t post this with any malicious intent, they also felt that both he and Junhyuk should have been more careful with their actions.

Boys with no future.

naneunbaegopa, Twitter

Ilbe boy tch tch.

@saeaxxz, Twitter

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