Here Are The Only 3 K-Pop Groups In History To Sell Over 2 Million Albums In First Week Sales

They keep breaking records.

With K-Pop’s expansion globally, it has become easier for groups to achieve higher sales of albums. Naturally, with a wider fanbase, it is easier to hit larger numbers of albums sold. But the most important is what fans call the “first week sales“, which includes pre-sales up to the 7th day after the official launch. This is why fanbases often run group orders with added freebies, to convince fans to make their purchase during this first week.

Only a total of 3 K-Pop groups in history have ever made it past 2 million copies in the first week of sales. These groups have made it into god-tier levels of global popularity. Check out the groups below.

1. Stray Kids

The boys hit the record with their recent album, MAXIDENT. In the first day alone, they had already gone over a million albums. By the end of the first week, they rounded out at 2,001,4** albums.


The group has certainly come a long way. From practicing in a small room on live stream, they’re now world-tier stars. Face The Sun easily hit close to 2 million on the very first day of sales, crossing the mark by the last day of the week. They closed at 2,067,7** copies.

3. BTS

Last but certainly not least, BTS’s Yet To Come album passed the 2 million mark on the very first day of sales. What a record! They later came to a total of 2,752,4** by the end of the week.

All of the numbers were provided by Hanteo Charts, the official charting organization for albums in South Korea. Congratulations to the three groups on their achievements.

Source: theqoo
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