TWS’s Hanjin Gains Attention For His Pre-Debut Photos

He was gorgeous even as a student.

TWS‘s Hanjin is the group’s only non-Korean member. Hailing from China, he continues SEVENTEEN‘s Jun and The8′s legacy of being Pledis Entertainment‘s China-line. When he debuted, he gained attention for his flower boy visuals.

Hanjin after debut. | theqoo

At first glance, many thought that he was either Korean, or mixed.

Dohoon and Hanjin. | theqoo

Fans were quick to dig out his pre-debut photos during his time as a student in China. Here’s a formal photo of him.

Hanjin pre-debut. | theqoo

You can instantly tell that he’s extraordinarily handsome.

Hanjin pre-debut. | theqoo

Even his school uniform could not mar his looks.

Hanjin pre-debut. | theqoo

Netizens were amazed by his visuals.

Netizen comments. | theqoo
  • He’s the most handsome. If they raise his parts, I think more people will be buzzing about him. Many also say he speaks Korean often. It’s a pity he’s Chinese though.
  • He’s not the type to be popular in Korea. Anyone can tell he’s Chinese.
  • But why did he look more manly back then…? He looked more like an adult.
  • Why… I like people with double eyelids, and he’s the most handsome.
  • Oh, I think he was more handsome previously. His recent pics look very Chinese.
  • They’re both from when he was young.
  • Hanjin is handsome.
  • He’s handsome.

He’s definitely one of the visual members for sure!


Source: theqoo