TXT And aespa Picked As “Emerging Artists Making Their Mark In 2021” By People Magazine

They are two groups making their mark in K-Pop!

People Magazine recently published a list of artists that are making their mark on the musical landscape in 2021! Out of the 30 artists that were included, two of them are K-Pop groups TXT and aespa.

Although TXT debuted in 2019, they have been gaining global recognition in the past few months, and this is proof of that. With the opening line, “We’re Still Dreaming about this next group,” People Magazine made no secret of everything the group has achieved.

The article then named a few of the many accomplishments the group has achieved. It includes being the first K-pop group to be featured on the cover of Teen Vogue and the first Korean band to have their debut album, The Dream Chapter: STAR, on the Billboard 200.

| Teen Vogue

Speaking to the magazine, TXT explained how they believe music has a message that everyone can relate to. They added that they hoped that “through our music, we can share our dreams and build a brighter tomorrow together with people all over the world.

Look at the reasons for aespa’s inclusion on the list, People Magazine started with the line, “You’ll want to listen to this K-Pop group ‘Forever,‘” playing on the title of their recent single.

The publication then describes the group’s rising fame and the fact that their debut video “Black Mamba” has already surpassed 100 million views, which is the fastest debut K-Pop video in Youtube history.

They also mentioned that the members had made their mark on the fashion world as the new ambassadors for Givenchy.

| SM Entertainment

With K-Pop growing in popularity, it is great to see groups making their way onto lists like this spreading the word of their talent worldwide!

Source: People Magazine