TXT’s Beomgyu Lets His Inner ARMY Out While Talking About His First BTS Concert

Beomgyu is all of us.

Beomgyu is known as the unapologetic ARMY of TXT due to his immense love for his Big Hit Music senior group, BTS. Once again, he let fans in on a taste of how much he really stans them!

During a recent interview, he revealed that he’s always been a huge fan. When the boys were asked about the first concert they ever attended, his answer was none other than BTS.

It was around 2017 when I first came to Seoul. I went to a BTS concert.

— Beomgyu

Like many ARMYs have experienced, he lost his voice from cheering so much during the concert!

However, Beomgyu’s fanboying doesn’t stop there. He excitedly revealed that another milestone, the first album he purchased, was also his beloved seniors.

I bought BTS’s The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Pt. 1.

— Beomgyu

He even proclaimed his love for the album by calling it a “real masterpiece,” as many people agree!

It’s safe to say Beomgyu is one of the luckiest ARMYs in the world!

Check out the full interview below.