TXT’s Beomgyu Reveals What Shocked Him The Most About BTS’s V In Real Life

“V hyung has…”

TXT‘s Beomgyu has always been a loyal BTS ARMY even since before he debuted!

BTS and TXT | @BTS_twt/Twitter

When he can dance to any song, he picks BTS any chance he gets…

…which is why it means so much when he gets a compliment from them!

Looking up to his idolย V, Beomgyu revealed that he’s been watching all of his fancams since predebut. To this day, he still loyally watches all of V’s content!

However, he revealed something that always surprises him about seeing V in person.

I think Taehyun has really big eyes but V hyung has huge eyes! Theyโ€™re no joke.

— Beomgyu

TXT’s Taehyun is known for his big eyes, but according to Beomgyu, V’s eyes are even bigger in person!



From all directions, you can see the whites of his eyes, indicating just how big they really are.



Fans joke that his eyes are usually half open…

…and when they’re completely open, they get even bigger!


We can only imagine how doll-like his appearance is in real life!