TXT’s Beomgyu Is Driving Us Wild In “Sugar Rush Ride” Showcase, And These Photos Of Him Will Be The Death Of Us

The second teaser and showcase photos are out!

TXT‘s Beomgyu is making his mark as a charismatic K-Pop idol! The second teaser of the group’s upcoming title track, “Sugar Rush Ride,” was released on January 25, and the HYBE artist trended online due to his handsome visuals.

Though it was only half a minute long, the teaser was enough to put the fandom into chaos. Beomgyu, especially, was the talk of the town thanks to his sexy appearance in his solo close-up.

The smile he gave the camera was unexpectedly smoldering considering his real life childlike personality.

MOAs took to Twitter to express their shock and awe at his expressions and looks.

This reaction happened yet again when the group held their media showcase for The Name Chapter: Temptation on January 26. They performed their title track live for the first time, and needless to say, the photos of Beomgyu released by the press were absolutely heart-stopping!

From clicking his tongue while looking down…

…to staring straight at the camera…

…to teasing his abs ever so slightly, it was a performance to remember.

He also proved that the stage was made for him, oozing charisma in each shot.

This is far from the first time Beomgyu stole everyone’s hearts with his stage presence and appearance. He never fails to make his mark by owning every concept given to him, especially the recent cool and sexy type.

Fans won’t get over this version of Beomgyu anytime soon!

Source: MHN Sports and YouTube


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