TXT’s Beomgyu Gains Praise For His Thoughtfulness Towards ITZY At “K Global Heart Dream Awards 2022”

“That’s why I love him.”

TXT and ITZY recently attended the K Global Heart Dream Awards 2022, and TXT’s Beomgyu gained praise for his thoughtful actions towards the members of ITZY.

TXT’s Beomgyu


Both groups were praised for being the true leaders of their generation, coming out of the event each with a “Best Music Award.”

When the two groups came onstage to accept their award, fans were excited to see them once again on the same stage.

For many, it brought back memories of previous times in which TXT and ITZY accepted awards together, especially during the year of their debut, which was 2019.

Yet, fans in the audience noticed something, and Beomgyu seemingly noticed it too. According to one fan, it seemed as if many audience members were mostly just paying attention to TXT when the two groups went onstage.

It would make sense for MOAs to be watching mostly TXT, of course. But when ITZY went to accept their award, Beomgyu wasn’t having it. Rather than have his fans ignore ITZY while they gave their thank-you speech, Beomgyu very thoughtfully signaled MOAs to watch ITZY instead.

In fact, he even adorably pretended to hide so that MOAs would focus on ITZY rather than him.

Fans couldn’t stop gushing about how sweet the gesture was, as it proves that Beomgyu is even cuter than everyone thought!

While it’s rare to see TXT and ITZY interactions, it’s lucky that the one fans got was so wholesome!

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