TXT’s Beomgyu And Hueningkai Name 3 Western Artists They Dream Of Collaborating With

These collaborations would break the internet!

In an interview with Seventeen, TXT was asked who their dream collaborations are.

Soobin, Hueningkai, and Beomgyu each gave a different answer, with Hueningkai and Beomgyu naming popular Western artists.


Now we can’t stop wishing they’d actually happen! In no particular order, check out what they said below.

1. Soobin

Unlike his members, Soobin wants to work with fellow K-Pop artists. His reason? He simply admires and loves them so much!

Honestly, there are too many. I really love so many K-Pop artists, so I want to collaborate with K-Pop artists.

— Soobin

2. Hueningkai

Next, Hueningkai thinks it would “be an honor” to collaborate with any artist, but he admitted that his dream collaborations are with American singer Bruno Mars and Danish singer Cristopher.

Bruno Mars | @brunomars/Instagram
Cristopher | Alex Welsh/Boomberg Businessweek

They all have the loveliest voices, so a song with them together would be heaven!

Whoever I collaborate with, it’d be an honor, I think. But I do want to collab with Bruno Mars or Cristopher.

— Hueningkai

3. Beomgyu

Last but not the least, Beomgyu gave a similar answer. He would also enjoy sharing music with any artist. When it comes down to it, however, he wants to collaborate with “Congratulations” rapper Post Malone the most!

Post Malone | Mark Horton/WireImage

That would be an epic song, indeed.

I feel like it would be a great experience just to be able to collaborate and share music. And I’ve been mentioning him for the past two years…Post Malone.

— Beomgyu

Here’s to hoping TXT can collaborate with these artists in the future! Without a doubt, the songs would be iconic.

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